Engineering and geodetic surveys

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What is included in the “engineering and geodetic work”:
  • creation (development) of reference geodetic networks, including special-purpose geodetic networks for construction;
  • topographic survey on a scale of 1:10000 ÷ 1:200, including a survey of underground and surface structures;
  • updating topographic (engineering topographic) and cadastral plans on a scale of 1:10000 ÷ 1:200 in graphic, digital, photographic, and other forms;
  • transfer to nature and planned-altitude binding of project elements on the ground;
  • engineering and hydrographic surveys;
  • development of engineering and topographic plans of the route and its options, survey plans, and individual design areas;
  • creation of longitudinal profiles of the route with options;
  • development and preparation of plans for approaches to the endpoints of the route of the designed linear structure (substations, sewage pumping stations, water pumping stations, etc.);
  • ground laser 3D scanning.