Geodetic works in construction

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Stages of work accompanied by “geodetic work in construction”:
  • Collection, analysis, and detailed study of the construction project search for possible errors;
  • Creation and subsequent development of the reference geodetic network of the construction site, including the creation of a certain temporary geodetic network in the controlled area, for which the coordinates of the points are calculated only from the results of geodetic constructions;
  • Removal in nature of the main axes of the construction object with their fixing on the ground;
  • Removal of minor structural elements of the facility, including underground utility lines;
  • Carrying out high-rise benchmarks for construction and installation works;
  • Control and acceptance of executive documentation of subcontractors;
  • As-built survey of constructed elements and preparation of as-built drawings, including as-built drawings of the planned and elevation position of structures during construction;
  • Geodetic control over compliance with the geometric parameters of building structures, including during the installation of equipment, alignment of crane runways and checking the verticality of columns, structures, and their elements, leveling the surface and during formwork;
  • At the final stage of construction, a set of as-built geodetic documentation is prepared for delivery, containing: an executive master plan and diagrams for structural components and building elements, as-built drawings, and axonometry for above-ground and underground utilities, special as-built engineering plans, profiles, and sections, and cartograms;
  • Comparison of the obtained results with the design coordinates (marks) and the coordinates of the points of the same name characterizing the previously controlled horizon (in the case of accompanying the construction of a multi-story building);
  • Observation of deformations of buildings and structures, their foundations, and control of soil movements;
  • Drawing up and submission of a technical report on the results performed during the construction process, and geodetic works;
  • Accompanying the excavation of pits (soil embankment), followed by the calculation of the volume of earthen masses, the preparation of a cartogram, as well as the calculation of the volume of construction work.